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You rely on your car or truck to transport you safely to and from work. You expect it to start up and get moving every day without fail. However, the more you use your vehicle, the more you need to do to maintain it.

When you need to replace a part or tune up your car or get a car service, come to Dry Creek Auto Wreckers in Adelaide today. 

Come See Our Full Mechanical Workshop

At Dry Creek Auto Wreckers in Adelaide, we also offer a fully qualified mechanical workshop which means we can also offer you a full range of car servicing options. We believe in car maintenance and recommend getting your car serviced twice a year to keep your car running in like-new condition. When you stop by our shop, you can enjoy any of the following

Car service and maintenance options in Wingfield

  • Major car service
  • Manufacturers handbook (log book) service
  • Brake and Clutch service
  • Suspension and steering
  • General tune-up
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Roadworthy testing
  • General mechanical repairs

Other car service options include

  • Air conditioning fitting
  • Alternators and start motors reconditioning
  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Door, bonnet, door glasses and seat fitting
  • Engine reconditioning and fitting
  • Gearbox, differential, heads, automatic transmissions, brakes and tyre fitting
  • Power steering kits
A car service expert in Adelaide

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Log Book Service
Brake Service
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Why come to Dry Creek Auto Wreckers for a car service?

Many car owners feel reluctant to replace broken parts with refurbished ones. They worry that the used parts might not be good enough to get the job done.

But when you come to Dry Creek Auto Wreckers, you don't have to worry about the parts you find. We closely inspect all our parts to ensure they meet safety standards and regulations. And we back our spare parts with rock-solid guarantees.

Aftermarket Parts

In addition we also offer a range of aftermarket (non-mechanical service options) such as fitting doors, bonnets door glasses, seats and interiors etc.

For your convenience, we also provide a free parts locating service. Your call will reach over 30 dismantling yards within South Australia so you can find the part you need when you need them. If we haven’t got it we’ll do our best to find it for you.

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