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Buying used car parts can save you thousands of dollars on auto repairs and improvements. When you are looking for recycled auto parts, you need to find a supplier that provides quality material. Trust your car to the experts at Dry Creek Auto Wreckers. Located in Adelaide, we’re a trusted source of reconditioned and recycled spare auto parts. We have a fantastic range of parts, all inspected, cleaned and brought back to as-new condition. All of our spares come with rock-solid quality assurances, so you can rest easy while on the road. We provide only the best in spares and replacements for old and new cars alike, helping you save money and keep your vehicle running smoothly.
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For the past 35 years Dry Creek Auto Wreckers has been a family owned and operated business in the Adelaide Metropolitan area. We are now proud supporters of the #ichoosesa initiative. We supply and support local businesses & consumers with all their automotive needs. #ichoosesa

Affordable, quality parts

Experienced and reliable

For more than 40 years, we have provided our clients with a range of recycled and restored auto parts. We established ourselves as a key supplier of refurbished automotive parts for older and late-model cars.

Helping you save money

When you buy from Dry Creek, you buy quality-assured parts at a fraction of their original price. Getting a part that will function like-new for cheaper than market value is a no-brainer. Come in and save money.

Environmentally friendly

When you purchase our recycled car parts, you help save the planet. Buying recycled parts lessens the stress on the planet’s natural resources. For each recycled part we sell, one new part doesn’t need to be produced.

Save money, help your car

As Adelaide’s auto wreckers, we supply the region with quality recycled, second-hand and rebuilt parts, as well as mechanical services. With over 40 years of experience, so you can rest assured that you've entrusted your car with a highly professional team. With our long established reputation and reliable service, we'll work hard to continue to deliver and deserve that reputation. For more information about our cost-friendly product range, please call us in Wingfield and speak to one of our friendly staff members.
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