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Car Removal in Adelaide Metropolitan Area

Clean your yard up

Your car was never intended to just sit out in your yard, but that’s where it’s been the last few years. Does this sound familiar? Looking outside at your unusable and unwanted car and not knowing what to do with it can be stressful — but not anymore. We’ll help take that car off your hands, possibly paying you depending on its condition.

We’ll come to you

You don’t need to find a way to transport your unwanted car, as we’ll come to you with a capable towing service. Instead of being an eyesore and taking up valuable space on your property, we’re able to come to you and remove it. Just one phone call can get that car out of your yard with possible payment in return. 

We’ll come out to your car’s location

How does payment work?

Depending on the make, the year and its condition, we'll pay you for your unwanted car. We pay by cheque or direct deposit to the owner of the vehicle. Proof of ownership and personal identification details will be required and recorded by our staff.

Get rid of your car

If you have a car just sitting in your yard, give us a call. We’ll come out to your location and take it off your hands. Call today with any questions.
Clear your yard
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