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Q: Do you have a certain make and model car part in stock?

A: When you call with specifics, we can check our stock and let you know immediately. If not, we’ll use our hotline of recycled auto parts to locate the correct part for you.

Q: Can you locate a certain car part for me?

A: With a call that reaches over 30 dismantling yards, we’ll be able to locate the part you need.

Q: Can you service my car?

A: Yes, our qualified and licenced team can service your car.

Q: Can you buy my car for wrecking?

A: Yes, if it is salvageable and has parts we need, we will buy it from you.

Q: Do you pay cash for cars?

A: No, payment is by check or direct deposit.

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Call our team if you have any other questions or queries. Our friendly staff will listen intently and answer any questions you may have.
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