Recent Stock Purchases

Recent stock purchases

Recent stock purchases at Dry Creek Auto Wreckers in Adelaide

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We're constantly on the lookout for good deals and more stock, giving you our valued customers more options for your vehicle.

Recent purchases

  • Subaru Sf Forester Wagon 02/2000 Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Mazda 3 Bk Sedan 01/07 Manual 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Holden Viva 04/06 Hatchback Manual 4 Cyl Petrol 
  • Mazda 2 De Hatchback 10/07 Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Holen Cruze 06/12 Sedan Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Toyota Camry 06/13 50 Series Sedan Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Ford Focus 05/13 Hatchback Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Toyota Camry 07/07 Sedan 40 Series Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Holden Ah Astra 04/08 Hatchback Manual 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Hyundai Getz 03/09 Hatchback Auto 4cyl Petrol
  • Toyota Corolla 09/03 Hatchback Zze122r Auto 4 Cyl Petrol
  • Toyota Camry 36 Series 03/04 Sedan Auto 6 Cyl Petrol
  • Subaru Bh Outback 02/03 Wagon Auto 4 Cyl Petrol 
  • Subaru Bh Outback 12/02 Wagon Auto 4 Cyl Petrol

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